04/10/2011About Us

Wellcome to my web-site! :)My name is Maxim and here I show the examples of my work.I'm work with steel is about 10 years and this armor is my life :)At my web-site you can see a lot of my past works. The most of armor has been make an order. The best stuff was make by the customers design. If ..

04/10/2011Shipping & Returns

Delivery.Delivery can be made by several delivery services:Economy Shipping ( - Delivery time depends on the recipient country and can vary from 2 weeks to 2 months.Air-mail ( - Delivery time depends on the recipient country and can vary from 1 t..

04/10/2011Privacy Notice

Put here the required information.

04/11/2011How to order

When you have decided on the desired product and we have agreed its value, you must pay a deposit (from 10 to 50% of order value). When the order is finally completed, I send you photos of the finished product. If you like the result, then you send the balance of payment and I will send you you..

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