How to order

When you have decided on the desired product and we have agreed its value, you must pay a deposit (from 10 to 50% of order value). 
When the order is finally completed, I send you photos of the finished product. If you like the result, then you send the balance of payment and I will send you your order. 

After sending I inform you about sending parcel and tell you all the necessary information.

The payment can be make through this ways:

1. Bank transfer in USD.

2.Wire Transfers - WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Unistream

Western Union. You can send money in minutes, either online or from one of their 334,000 Agent locations worldwide. Use cash, credit, or debit cards. 

Money Gram.
 Money Gram has been providing trusted payment and financial services since 1940. The safe, fast way to send and receive money worldwide. You can send money online or form one of their 176,000 Agent locations.

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