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Date Added: 02/24/2018
Delete Blackened bevor (Top Category) $155.00
Delete Blackened Italian breastplate (Top Category) $650.00
Delete Gothic breastpale (Top Category) $650.00
Delete Gothic Cuirass from Lids (Top Category) $1,500.00
Delete Late 14th Full Plate Armour (Top Category) $3,300.00
Delete Late gothic breastplate (Top Category) $825.00
Delete Late gothic cuirass (Top Category) $2,000.00
Delete Late gothic cuirass with brass ornaments (Top Category) $1,700.00
Delete Simple 14th century breastplate with fauld (Top Category) $350.00
Sub-Total: $11,130.00 
Flat Rate (Best Way): $5.00 
Total: $11,135.00 

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